Costs and Licensing?

There is a one time cost of $20 USD per individual license or $1,000 USD for a site licence. The tools can be used for personal and commercial business.

If you are a part of a registered charity, please contact us with the details related to your organization ( registration number, country base, etc…) and we will arrange for a copy free of charge.


EnP Tools works with MS Office 2016 (Windows 7 and above).

EnP Tools Setup Instructions

  • Ensure that the Excel and PowerPoint applications are closed.
  • Download the EnPTools_Setup.exe file
  • Copy the License Key to the Windows Clipboard*
  • Run/open the EnPTools_Setup.exe file
  • Follow the instructions
  • setup can also automatically load the registration code from a reginfo.txt file located in the same directory.

Is there a Help file with ENP Tools?

Yes. In both Add-Ins a Help file is included. You can access it by clicking the last button on the EnP Tool ribbon tab. You can also access a web version here.

Do you have customer service?

Yes, please contact us using our contact page.